Cleaning Tips

All of us at Domestic Bliss would like to share our knowledge and expertise with you on how to get rid of those stubborn stains .

  • Chewing gum – Whether it’s stuck on your favorite pair of jeans or in a pocket, leave the item in the freezer overnight and gently chip away. For stubborn gum, use a small amount of paint thinner.
  • Crayon on the walls – As ingenious as your child’s art may be, the best way to remove it from walls is to rub the stain gently with a small amount of paint thinner and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Playdough in the carpet – Place a large amount of dry-cleaning solvent on a clean white towel. Leave the towel on the affected area for one minute, lift and gently rub the playdough away, moving towel in one direction.
  • Dirt and Dust – It’s everywhere! Remove shoes before coming into the house to keep as many allergens outside as possible. Vacuum entryways often to remove allergy and asthma contaminants.
  • Fingerprints – Buff surfaces with a clean cloth dampened with a neutral disinfectant. This will not only remove fingerprints, but childhood germs as well.
  • Lipstick on your collar (or wall!) – Little girls love to play with make-up. Scrape excess wax away with a soft spatula. Pretreat clothing with a small amount of dishwashing liquid and rinse. Mix 1/3 part white vinegar to 2/3 part water to gently blot stain away or wipe surfaces clean.

The wonders of plain old vinegar…


  • Shower Door: Spray down both sides of the shower door with a full-strength vinegar spray. Allow it to sit for ten minutes and rinse with warm water. Wipe the glass after rinsing to remove hard-water deposits. Then dry with a micro fiber cloth to get sparkling results
  • Toilet: To get a sparkling white toilet, clean it with vinegar and allow it to sit overnight. Pour two cups of white-distilled vinegar onto the inside and outside of the toilet. Allow it to sit overnight and scrub it down with a toilet brush in the morning. Rinse with warm water.
  • Linoleum Floors: Bathroom linoleum floors can be easily cleaned with a vinegar solution. They will be sparkling as if cleaned by a commercial cleaning service. Add 1 cup of white-distilled vinegar for each gallon of hot water you use to wash the floor. Use a scrub brush or bristled mop to remove residue and make the floor shine.

Living Room

  • Furniture: Children will occasionally decorate living room furniture and surfaces with stickers or stamps. To remove the stickers and sticky residue from furniture and other living room surfaces, spray the area with full-strength white-distilled vinegar. Allow it to sit on the area for ten minutes and wipe clean with a warm, wet cloth and dry.
  • Blinds: White blinds in your living room windows can be easily cleaned with white-distilled vinegar. Commercial office cleaning services are often used to clean blinds at the office, but vinegar is another option. Wear a pair of white cotton gloves and dip several gloved fingers into a vinegar solution of half vinegar and half warm water. Run your wet gloved fingers across each side of the blinds.

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